What We Do

United Way of Eastern Oregon is a nonprofit organization that campaigns each year to then directly give to local human service and education programs in Union and Baker counties. We provide volunteer facilitation for our selected agencies, advocacy for local human service initiatives, and are actively engaged community partners in local human service activities.

100% of your donation stays in Union & Baker Counties. This is your United Way; we are local and autonomous. Your contribution is invested into the local programs and services that really work to improve people’s lives, and 100% of designated donations are sent to your charity of choice without a deduction for “overheard costs.”

Rural communities like ours are struggling. The programs that United Way supports–things like search & rescue, emergency food, services for victims of violence– are constantly working to keep our community safe and healthy. These programs need your support too. All the funds that we generate through United Way of Eastern Oregon go directly to our local programs that need them most. When you donate through United Way, you are directly supporting your own community.

Who We Support

All the funds that we generate go directly into our local programs that need them most. The more effective United Way can be in raising funds, the more our agencies can focus on their work instead of resource-consuming fundraising.  See a list of our currently supported agencies. Each year our volunteer board of directors goes through a selection process of all applicants to determine which human service programs have the potential to serve our population and really need our help. We set a goal depending on their needs, and get to work.

Underlying the role and mission of the United Way of Eastern Oregon is a firm belief in the dignity of all people. We reaffirm this belief in our policies, which guide and direct our employment practices, program funding, volunteer recruitment, and service delivery. Please view our complete diversity policy included in our agency application information.

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